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I’m so happy that you found your way to this page, and I’m excited to have the potential of accompanying you as you take your next steps on the enchanted journey that is your life.

We each resonate with our unique frequency, just as musical instruments. Our strings are pulled as we engage with the world, and it is important to have tools to keep us ‘in tune’ with our soul essence. Your voice is the sound of your soul. It is one of a kind and has incredible power when you begin to use it with intention and authenticity.  It’s through the body, the breath and the voice that we come into wholeness. We have all the tools within, we just have to begin to recognize this and trust ourselves.

So, whether you’re curious and want to experience a fresh path in your life, whether you wish to reconnect with your voice and imagination, or to find renewed inspiration in your art and authentic expression, I am committed to being your team mate and guide to help you find a place of inner harmony where you feel empowered to not only walk, but build your unique path ahead. We came here to sing, to dance, to create and to thrive in harmony within ourselves, with others, and with our surroundings. This is the mission, of harmony!


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Tuning Up

6-week program designed to connect you back to the unique instrument that is your body. Discover your sound. Experience the power of your voice and breath as medicine. Developing a deeper state of presence. We will work with the natural frequency of the Earth, 432HZ, to first bring the body in harmonic alignment with nature.

Create Your Crescendo

8-week program designed to deepen your connection to your voice, and to begin using your instrument as you move through the creative process. Breaking through limiting beliefs, writer's block and opening up to your imagination and the flow that is constantly within you.

The Alchemy of Harmony

12-week program designed to support you in unfolding into your full essence and creative expression. To remove any blocks around using your voice authentically. To bring the body, mind, and spirit into a deep state of inner harmony, and from this place, create and record your own medicine song to support your continued growth and expansion.


I am a composer, vocalist, producer, and dancer and my journey into the dimensions of sound throughout my life has led me to discover many other pathways of harmony. We are vibration, just as everything else. We have a soul chord; and we create a unique pattern of sound. I began to realize my compositions in musical harmony extend much further…When we see that we too are instruments, we understand the importance of keeping ourselves ‘in tune’ to the great symphony within us and around us… Read more

“The body is held together by sound. The presence of stress and disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune.”
Deepak Chopra

Vocal Awakening

Your voice is unique. There has never been another like it. It is the tonal expression of your soul. We work to unfold the colours of your voice through various exercises to allow your full being to be expressed and heard.


Unleashing your creativity through exercises in writing lyrics and melody. Opening up for the imagination to once again thrive. Imagination is our super power. Creativity is our gift as human beings. Our song is our medicine.

Voice Analysis

Your voice frequency pattern is a mirror of the pattern of your astrological chart when you are born. As we grow, parts of us can become out of harmony with our true essence. This shows up in the voice analysis and we work to tone these frequencies back, creating wholeness in the bodies and fields.

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies and to return to a state of health and harmony.

Movement / Barre

Our body holds profound wisdom, and to connect to this requires developing strength, balance, flexibility and body awareness. These classes target all 4 areas. You will develop a deeper mind-body connection, assisting you in walking through the world with clearer intention and higher awareness of the subtle body signals communicating to us at all times.


Our breath is a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Through guided breathwork ceremonies, you will move life force energy through the body, releasing stuck and stagnant energy that is blocking you in areas of your life. Breathwork boosts immunity, increases creativity and flow in life, circulation, and many more benefits.

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Please feel free to send any questions my way or to book an introductory call to find which program best suits your needs!


“Lauren has an amazing ability to hold a room combining breathwork and sound therapy. Her ceremony was a truly life changing inner experience for me, where I felt that several layers were pealed off and I became much more aware of my inner balance. Can’t wait to participate in the next one”
J. Roll
"I felt so welcomed into the space Abøn created. The session was well organised and the experience deeply impactful. The energy facilitated during the session left me feeling truly embodied in a way I did not expect. Following our session, the feeling of self regulation carried through into my daily life. I highly recommend!"
Joshua Ellins
Project Manager for a Renewable Energy Company
"In all honesty, I wasn't sure what to expect with my first Breathwork Ceremony. Thankfully, Lauren's warm welcome to the ceremony put me at ease. Her natural charm and enthusiasm is magnetic. She is deeply passionate about her work - and it shows. I am very grateful for the Breathework Ceremonies she hosts. Regular sessions have helped me improve my effectiveness both professionally and personally. I highly recommend trying it out!" Canada
Dr. Malhotra