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Group workshop Offerings


Everything is energy. Everything is a vibration. And just like strings of a cello, we need to tune ourselves up occasionally, so we can best contribute to the grand symphony of life around us. It is my mission in everything I do to create harmony. Through music, movement, and now, the breath. And when we prioritize this tuning of our human vessels, the harmony we can create together, is incredibly beautiful. Breathwork is a powerful ‘tuning tool’ that we always have access to. Our air is our medicine. Emotions are perhaps one of the most common forms of energy that get stuck in the body, as we have not fully learned to be with them, accept them, love them and let them go. Holding on to emotion creates tension and stuck energy in the body, and through the breath, we can set this energy free.
Our emotions are there for us to feel, they are little gifts waiting to be opened, and it is time that we shift our perspective of how we see and understand our own emotions. To be emotional,
sensitive and colourful.

This breathwork moves an incredible amount of life force energy through the body. It opens our heart space, increases focus, and creativity, strengthens intuition, presence, energy levels, our immune system, rewires our nervous system and so, so much more. 

The breathwork journey will begin with vocal toning, movement, an hour of circular, conscious, and connected breathing. We then finish with integrative sound therapy.

Group: $40
Private Session: $150
Couples Session: $210

Also offered in THE TUNING UP package and THE ALCHEMY OF HARMONY package

Movement / Barre

We have one body, one temple, and it is up to only us to take care of it. A strong body equals a strong mind. Our incredible body holds a kind of wisdom and intelligence that the mind alone cannot access. It works in multi-dimensional, circular ways, mysterious and powerful. We must open ourselves to listen, surrender and receive its wisdom. Through movement and exercise, we reconnect to this portal of divine intelligence that is our body.

Taking care of the physical body is much more than fitness, and through my classes it is my hope to find a deeper place of connection and love for our bodies, feeling the joy of movement, while at the same time increasing your strength and flexibility. Everything is interconnected- your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When we take care of one, we take care of 
the others.

I am a former professional ballet and contemporary dancer, certified group and personal fitness instructor, and certified Barre instructor, and have been teaching barre fitness classes in Toronto and Denmark for 12 years.

Group: $20

*Barre and Bowls Group: $40 Traditional barre class with 30 minutes of sound therapy

Also offered as a private class:
Online or
in-person $100

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies and to return to a state of health and harmony. 

My practice is intuitive depending on the vibrational state of the person I am working with. I use a combination of Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, vocal toning and music that I compose and produce depending on the needs of the individual.

  • Private or couples session
  • Each session is 1 hour
  • Only in person

Price for a private session: $110
Price for a couples session: $150

Group: $40